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Radiology Prior Authorization

When you are already accustomed to something, changes really frustrates you but changes for a better standard of living are always helpful. A prior authorization process is frustrating according to a report done by AMA American medical association. As nowadays providers are looking for a user-friendly prior authorization service so more healthcare provider are opting for electronic prior authorization

What are providers are looking for?

Faster Prior Authorization Approval – in this technology fast generation all are looking for faster results. An in case of prior authorization for radiology, orthotics and prosthetics, imaging center faster approval is a must.

An Updated Report with Workflow - everyone wants the best utilization of their money. This is why ‘PriorAuth Online’ a Sunknowledge prior authorization service for all radiology, genomic, orthotics and prosthetics and other services is the best option. As being an online service it gives complete operational transparency, where every prior authorization progress can be seen.

 100% HIPAA Compliant – according to 2017 breach report, 5.6 million patients report were jeopardizing. An organization which provides with a complete safety regarding patients health details is a must. Sunknowledge also being one such 100% HIPAA HITECH Complaint organization.

Dedicated Account Manager - every provider wants a dedicated account manager focusing and concentrating only on their individual account. Few outsourcing organization like Sunknowledge has such facilities. In fact, it has no cost dedicated account manager with customized reporting. This is done on the basis of client requirement daily/ weekly/ monthly so that opportunity can be identified and improvement can be done accordingly.

Sunknowledge service Inc a leading RCM organization catering to all medical billing service. With years of understanding and experience, it has a specialized prior authorization section ‘PriorAuth online’. It is a complete authorization service catering authorization request, approval and follow up.

When you are looking for a faster prior authorization for radiology, genomic other services Sunknowledge is the ideal solution. Call us if you want to strive financial profitability, with our expert successful solution to your prior authorization problems.

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