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PriorAuth Online: Way Out to All Your Prior Authorization for Genomic Lab Troubles

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When you are waiting for your diagnostic result from a genomic lab and suddenly it gets denied due to prior authorization, is really frustrating. A genomic lab generally conducts the test for cancer diagnostic prenatal concern etc which requires a fast report and faster treatment.

As it is known, prior authorization is a frustrating process for the physician. A physician gets irritated as this whole process take up their valuable time, delaying in the process of patient care. A normal prior authorization process takes within 1-3 normal business day and 45 min over the phone for each Prior authorization process. Moreover, sticking to the old primitive PA method is even more difficult and time-consuming. Prior authorization for genomic lab test is very essential and a quick PA is always helpful.

As this process is time taking and equally expensive healthcare organization are opting for outsourcing. Sunknowledge Service Inc is one of the RCM organization catering to such prior authorization for genomic lab along with 27 other specialties too.

With decades of experience, our expert team is well equipped with prior authorization of the genomics lab. It starts with the gathering of patient’s information, such as name, DOB and insurance details. Followed by servicing provider information (LAB) and ordering provider’s information with name, NPI, Tax id address and phone number of both. Even the place of service, procedure diagnosis code and estimated date range for prior authorization is also done by Sunknowledge.

prior authorization for genomic lab
Our works Do Not End Here Our Team Also Deals with Payers Contact Requirements With

• Determine the process for prior authorization request submission, i.e. portal, fax, phone, etc.

• Contact for UM/Pre-Authorization department

• Fax to send medical notes

• Expected turn-around time

• Limitations/exceptions (if any)

Sunknowledge Also Provides Additional Support to Prior Authorization for Genomic Lab Such AS:

• Determine the eligibility of the patients based on the eligibility criteria of the payers.

• A pre-authorization request is initiated based on the insurance mandate with complete medical information.

• A complete test panel description

• Continuous track through outbound call checking the status for authorization

With decades of understanding, Sunknowledge has specialized in prior authorization for genomic lab, orthotics and prosthetics, radiology and other services too. As this PA is an online service helping providers with complete operational transparency, along with the updated report for clients benefit. So to avail prior authorization facilities for genomic lab contact our expert team and get 80% instant reduction in your operational cost. We are just a call away.